Confident Kids Camp for Selective Mutism:
Frequently Asked Questions

Confident Kids Camp is a 5-day, intensive therapy program
designed to help prepare children with Selective Mutism.

How can I tell if camp is full?

The best way to tell if camp is full is by sending an email to If camp is full, you will get a response stating that it is full and we will add you to the wait list, and may offer other possible treatment options. 


How do lead-in sessions work?

Lead-in sessions are conducted prior to CKC-DC Metro to provide an opportunity to establish speech between your child and his or her counselor. By having this session prior to camp, your child will enter the week more comfortable with his/her counselor and more prepared to make significant gains in verbal communication each day. The sessions last approximately two to three hours and take place in our office at Center for Anxiety and Behavioral Change in Rockville, Maryland. During this time, the camp director or one of the camp leaders will work with you and your child to establish speech to the greatest extent possible using behavioral intervention methods (stimulus fading and shaping). Then, the camp director will work with your child and his or her counselor to increase comfort and transfer that established speech to the counselor. 


What if my child doesn’t talk during the lead-in session?

Communication during the lead-in session is important, as we have structured activities and outings that we want all campers to be able to participate in during CKC. If we are continuing to work to establish speech during the camp itself, your child would lose out on important therapeutic activities. For that reason, we will do all we can to facilitate your child’s speech during the lead-in session. If, despite everyone’s best efforts, your child in unable to communicate verbally (a relatively rare circumstance), one of two options will result based on the first lead-in. We will either (a) recommend scheduling an additional lead-in session for you child, or (b) provide you with documentation and recommendations for your child, as he or she may be better suited for other treatment options at this time. A portion of your camp fee will be refunded if your child is not able to attend camp. 


How can I prepare my child for the lead-in session?

Keep your discussions about the lead-in sessions simple but honest. Let your child know that s/he will be meeting a few nice people and that everyone will be playing games and getting to know each other. Your child may also feel more comfortable to know that a parent will be involved in the session until they feel comfortable with the CKC-DC Metro staff (unless otherwise indicated). When talking about the communication goal, you can let your child know that the adults will help them feel more brave, but avoid giving them the specifics that communicating in the session is a necessity. We don’t want to put even more pressure on your child who is likely already going to be experiencing some nerves. You can also increase his or her motivation to practice being brave in the lead-in by letting your child know that you can stop for a special treat on the way home (we have a great cupcake shop next door from our clinic, and great ice cream and yogurt shops about a 1-2 blocks away that usually motivates children). Feel free to also bring in any items from home that your child will be especially interested to play with during the lead-in session and that may help them feel more comfortable during the appointment.


Where can I find Rockville hotels?

Cambria Hotel and Suites
1 Helen Heneghan Way
Rockville, MD 20850
P: (301) 294-2200
Walking distance to camp

Best Western Plus
1251 W Montgomery Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850
P: (301) 424-4940

Even Hotel
1775 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
P: (301) 881-3836

1750 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
P: (301) 468- 1100


What is parent boot camp/training?

Parent boot camp/training is included in the price of camp and is a valuable supplement to your child’s individualized treatment. Each day while children are in camp, parents have the opportunity to learn in a 1.5 hour training session from 1pm-2:30pm with Dr. Scharfstein. You will be taught strategies to successfully decrease your child’s anxiety and increase his or her verbal communication. While attendance at training is not required, it is strongly recommended and highly beneficial for camper’s parents.


Can we bring siblings to CKC?​

While siblings cannot attend CKC-DC Metro camp activities throughout the day, free babysitting services are offered during the parent boot camp/training! Siblings can be in the parent boot camp sessions with you, but parents often find this to be distracting. The babysitting option provides a location down the hall where you can drop off children during these meetings. 

What do I (parents) do during the day while my child attends camp?

Outside of attending the parent boot camp/training each day (described above), there is plenty for you to see and do nearby in the DC Metro Area.  There are many restaurants, coffee shops, and stores within walking distance from camp. 


What is your cancellation policy?

A portion of the amount paid by a family will be refunded if a cancellation occurs before July 1st,  2020. After July 1st,  2020, NO REFUNDS will be given for cancellations.

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